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Welcome to my Website!
Thanks for stopping by.  I'm happy to tell you about my current projects, including books, and hope you will give me some feedback.

This website started, in 2011, as my nature website.
I am also a writer - of both nonfiction and fiction -  and have been happily jotting down both stories and my thoughts since the second grade in Enid, Oklahoma.

I love the natural world, and I want to share that love with you. My hope is that while reading these pages, you will come to understand - and maybe even love -  the world that we live in as much as I do.

The accompanying blog is still a nature blog.
I offer information to help my readers connect with nature, learn some short lessons, and enjoy my experiences vicariously.
Please visit and join my conversation about the beautiful world around us.


Book News!
Cobwebs - a suspense novel,
is available NOW!

"When Jamie Aldrich was eleven years old, she and her siblings spent the summer with her great aunt Elizabeth. She doesn't remember what happened during that visit, and she's avoided Pawhuska, Oklahoma ever since. But when Elizabeth calls her, thirty years later, begging her to come, Jamie arrives to find her great aunt frail and agitated, inexplicably claiming her entire life was a sham.

"Now Elizabeth lies in a coma after what looks like an attempt on her life. Although Jamie has no idea who wants to harm her aunt, it's clear the danger hasn't passed.

Will Jamie be able to discover the truth before both she and Elizabeth are silenced forever?"


Mary Coley WRITES

Please visit my writing blog: Mary Coley Writes, at to learn more about my writing adventures, my books and stories, and writing advice from the experts! This blog site also includes the nature blog formerly hosted with this website.

 Cobwebs - A Suspense Novel is a story of deception, personal vendettas and family secrets, set in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, the capital of the Osage Nation, and site of the infamous "Reign of Terror," the first murders investigated by the newly commissioned Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) in the 1920s.

You may buy the book through PAYPAL. Click the icon below.

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